The Nasal Valve Support™ enables you to breathe comfortably and effectively through your nose, night and day.

In commercial use since 1989, thousands are finding relief with the Nasal Valve Support™

Since it is custom designed and manufactured for each of your problematic nostrils, and you position it entirely inside the nostril, the Nasal Valve Support™, in addition to being super effective and super comfortable, it is aesthetically pleasing and not embarrassing to wear. That's right - you can wear it night and day, at home or in public, without anyone noticing it!  Give it a try. It's free to try. Order it today. 100% Money Back Guarantee!


  • Easy to Use
  • Safe, Effective, Discreet, Reusable, Lasts Years
  • Use At Night And/Or Day
  • In Public Or Private
  • Possible Cosmetic Improvement
  • No Drugs, No Surgery

Instant Relief From

Caused By

  • Nasal Valve Collapse
  • Collapsed (Droopy) Cartilages
  • Deviated Septum
  • Narrow Nostrils
  • Tip Ptosis
  • Empty Nose Syndrome
  • Perforated Septum

Each Nasal Valve Support Is Custom Designed And Manufactured


The Nasal Valve Support™ structure is custom designed and manufactured for each of your problematic nostrils to comfortably wedge between the side wall of the nostril and the septum (middle wall), thus effectively keeping the nasal air way open.

The nasal valve, the section of each nasal passage between the nostril area and the nasal cavity, is the narrowest air way passage in human nose. This area and its immediate surroundings are the source of the majority of the obstructive nasal breathing problems. The Nasal Valve Support™, due to its custom design, directly and effectively, more so than any other product in the market in its class, penetrates this area and keeps the nasal valve area open, without the cosmetic embarrassment of many other products.


I have used nasal valve supports [both nostrils] for 12 years and recently left my only pair,..., in a hotel room, so I have gone a month without them. I thought I would be ok as my ENT prescribed [a nasal spray] for me year-round, but having just received my second pair I can’t believe I ever thought I would be ok without them. I use them [regularly] and am a very uncomfortable mouth-breather without them.
I run approximately 2 minutes faster per mile when using the Nasal Valve Support otherwise competitive racing is out of the question-it does what all the other products you find in the pharmacy cannot do and that is to open up that crucial 1 mm at the top of your nose which is responsible for 80% of the air that we breathe - so much easier than getting surgery!!!!!-a wonderful product!!!!
I have a deviated septum on one side. I use the Nasal Valve Support when I sleep and it gives me 20% more energy. I also use it when doing yoga at home it works great. I’ve used it for five years and recommend it!”
I have truly benefited from the Nasal Valve Support. The doctor told me I have child size passages. The Nasal Valve Support increases the size {of the nostrils} thus increasing my oxygen intake from 43% to 92%. This data was accumulated after a scientific sleep study was done. I wish to say thank you so much for inventing this life-saver for me. I have told many people who have sleep disorders of your product. Keep up the good work!”
... Nasal Valve Support is great! After 4 broken noses in 25 years —I was really NOT getting the proper air. For the past 13 months I have used them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (even when sleeping, but not when SURFING) ...”
Nasal Valve Support helps me sleep 95% better.”
I think the Nasal Valve Support is great. I breathe 100% better when I wear it.”
The Nasal Valve Support you provide is most satisfactory. I have been using one for four years and find it to be comfortable & easy to use. I believe it to be much better than those strips some people use. My skin is very sensitive & I can’t stand them.”
I must wear my Nasal Valve Supports day and night, at work and at home. I cannot be without them. My wife says I don’t snore anymore.”
I use the Nasal Valve Support every day and night. I cannot function without it.”
By using a Nasal Valve Support I have been sleeping a lot better. I don’t snore and wheeze anymore.”