What measurements are necessary to manufacture a custom Nasal Valve Support?

Each Nasal Valve Support is custom manufactured for you to fit comfortably in a specific nostril. In order to achieve this in the most efficient way, we've perfected a set of measurements you'll need to provide to us. In general, we'll ask you to take a specific set of photos which we'll use to calculate your nasal dimensions, angles, etc.

To take these photos you can use any smartphone camera or a digital camera. Just please make sure the lighting level is appropriate and the photos come out focused and clear.

Although a lot of our customers have taken these photos by themselves with their own smartphones, taking these photos might become easier if a second person assists you. If you have any questions, please send an email to customercare@nasalvalve.com  and/or call (408) 665-5854.

Please send at least these five easy to take photos as attachments to an email (or several emails) to customercare@nasalvalve.com:

1. One photo of your entire face, with your head upright and you facing the camera directly.

2. One photo of your entire face, with your face slightly tilted down (chin down), clearly showing the bridge (dorsum) of your nose.

3. One photo clearly showing your nostrils. To take this photo, tilt your head back with your nostrils directly facing the camera to clearly show your nostril openings and their insides as much as possible. Please make sure there is enough light so that the photo clearly shows your nostril openings and even further in.

4. One more photo of your nostrils just like the one in step 3 above, except this time with a rigid ruler's end placed on your face next to your right or left nostril and sticking out of your face in the direction of the tip of your nose, with the rulings of the ruler clearly showing in the photo.

5. A side view photo of the left (or right) side of your face/nose with a ruler held next to the bridge of your nose extending along the length of your nose from a point between your eyebrows to the tip of your nose making sure that the rulings of the ruler and the left (or right) nostril clearly show in the photo.

Again-- if you have any questions, please feel free to email us at customercare@nasalvalve.com and/or call (408) 665-5854.