Does insurance cover the Nasal Valve Support™?

The Nasal Valve Support™ has been reimbursed by insurance companies, HMO's, PPO's, and Medicare. Some have used the CPT code L8499 which is the code for "unlisted prosthetics", or the HCPCS code E1399, "Durable medical equipment, miscellaneous". Other codes may be recommended by your individual plan.

Almost in every case successfully covered, the following two important items have been submitted to the insurance (Medicare, etc.):

  • A proof of medical necessity, such as a prescription from a medical doctor.
  • A receipt indicating payment.

It has been important that medical necessity be established. Thus, if needed, in addition to the prescription, a letter describing the medical necessity should be submitted.

Coverage of the Nasal Valve Support™ is totally the discretion of the insurance companies, HMO's, PPO's, and the Medicare, etc. However, we at Allied Advanced Technologies Corporation are here to assist you in the reimbursement process by providing a detailed receipt to you to submit along with other paper work to your insurance or Medicare.

If your insurance organization needs to contact us regarding the Nasal Valve Support™, please provide them with our complete contact information available at the bottom of this page.