What is the Nasal Valve Support™?

A highly effective, custom designed, and reusable nasal insert which, without cosmetic embarrassment, enables you to breathe comfortably through your nose night and day.  Developed, patented, and manufactured in the USA, it is highly effective for eliminating obstruction in the front part of the nose and thereby establishing a satisfying airflow, without causing any discomfort, irritation, or aesthetic embarrassment. It may actually improve your facial appearance by redefining the contours of your nose. No surgery or medication is needed. The Nasal Valve Support™ is absolutely free to try, with 100% money back guarantee and a two year warranty. It has been reimbursed by insurance, including medicare. It is reusable, durable, and lasts years.

The Nasal Valve Support™ is positioned entirely inside the intended nostril with no part protruding out. Thus, the Nasal Valve Support™ is not readily visible by others. This fact enables you to wear the Nasal Valve Support™ in public as well as in private; at work and market as well as around home; at night and day; during sleep or when awake and doing your daily activities.

We custom design and manufacture (i.e. we properly size and shape) the Nasal Valve Support™ specifically for each one of your obstructed nostrils. As soon as you position a Nasal Valve Support™ inside your obstructed nostril, the nostril is opened, enabling you to breathe comfortably and adequately through that nostril. Since it is custom designed, the Nasal Valve Support™ stays snugly inside the nostril.

The Nasal Valve Support™ eliminates or reduces symptoms such as inability to breathe through the nose, mouth breathing, dry mouth, snoring, sleep apnea, empty nose syndrome, whistling of the nose, etc., caused by deviated septum, narrow nostril, cartilage collapse, nasal valve collapse, perforated septum, scar tissue, and bad surgery. You may benefit from wearing one Nasal Valve Support™ or a pair, depending on the anatomy and the condition of your nostrils and your nasal septum.

The Nasal Valve Support™ is not an implant and it does not cause any damage or permanent change to any of the nasal cartilages.

After years of use in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Australia, Brazil, the Netherlands, Korea, and other countries, since 1980, the Nasal Valve Support™ has proven to be safe and effective. The Nasal Valve Support™ was introduced commercially in January of 1989, and has been in clinical use since 1980.

Various insurance companies and programs, including Medicare, have reimbursed for the Nasal Valve Support™.

Finally, it is important to emphasize that the Nasal Valve Support™ is absolutely free to try, with 100% money back guarantee and a two year warranty.